• Source: Bloomberg News
    15 Jan 2018
    The yuan climbs to its strongest level since December 2015 after the People’s Bank of China raises the daily reference rate the most in three months.
    Yuan at 2-year high
  • Source: CNN Money
    22 Jan 2018
    The US announces a 30% tariff on imported solar panels, most of which come from China, and taxes of 20% and more on residential washing machines.
    Trump launches trade war
  • Source: AFP
    2 Feb 2018
    A strong US jobs report, showing the biggest increase in wages in nine years, stirs fears of a US interest rate hike and starts a global stock market sell-off.
    Good jobs report trips markets
  • Source: SABC
    15 Feb 2018
    Cyril Ramaphosa becomes the fifth democratic president of the Republic of South Africa.
    Ramaphosa takes the reins
  • Source: National Treasury
    21 Feb 2018
    Minister Gigaba announces an increase in VAT to 15%. Treasury also re-affirms its intent to stabilise South Africa’s debt ratio.
    First VAT hike in 21 years
  • Source: CNBC
    21 Mar 2018
    The Fed raises rates for the sixth time since starting off at near-zero in December 2015. The new benchmark target has moved to 1.5%-1.75%.
    Fed raises interest rates
  • Source: Reuters
    22 Mar 2018
    Naspers announces that it plans to sell up to 2% of Tencent via an accelerated bookbuild to raise money to fund growth in its e-commerce unit.
    Naspers sells stake in Tencent
  • Source: SA Reserve Bank
    28 Mar 2018
    The monetary policy committee of the SA Reserve Bank cuts interest rates by 0.25%, bringing the repo rate to 6.5% and the prime lending rate 10%.
    Rate cut for SA
  • Source: FNB/Bureau of Economic Research (BER) Consumer Confidence Index
    25 Apr 2018
    The BER Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) rises to a record high of +26 index points.
    SA consumer confidence peaks
  • Source: AFP
    27 Apr 2018
    The pound plunges as Britain's GDP grows by just 0.1% in the first quarter of 2018, from 0.4% in the preceding quarter.
    Pound weakens along with UK GDP
  • Source: Statistics SA
    10 May 2018
    SA mining output contracts the most in two years, shrinking 8.4% from a year earlier. Platinum is down 6.1% and gold production down 18%.
    Mining output drops
  • Source: Bloomberg
    31 May 2018
    Eurozone inflation hits the fastest pace in more than a year, rising to 1.9% - in line with the ECB’s goal and up from just 1.2% in April.
    Eurozone inflation picks up
  • Source: New York Times
    13 Jun 2018
    The Federal Reserve raises its benchmark interest rate to a range between 1.75 percent and 2 percent.
    Fed hikes interest rates
  • Source: Business Day
    21 Jun 2018
    The National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill is published in the Government Gazette, paving the way for government’s ambitions to introduce universal healthcare to all South Africans.
    NHI Bill gazetted
  • Turkish Lira in turmoil
    Source: Financial Times
    10 Aug 2018
    The Turkish Lira drops almost 6% in one week on comments by President Erdogan that he plans an ‘operation’ against Moody’s as it reviews Turkey’s credit rating. Other emerging market currencies, such as the Rand, are punished alongside the Lira.
    Turkish Lira in turmoil
  • Chinese Social
    Source: Bloomberg
    15 Aug 2018
    Tencent releases its first profit drop in at least a decade, reflected by a market value loss of more than $160 billion since its January peak. One of the reasons for the decline in profit has been the freeze on game approvals in China.
    Tencent and Naspers tumble
  • American Flag
    Source: Bloomberg
    29 Aug 2018
    The US economy grows at a slightly faster pace than previously estimated on revisions to imports and software spending, bolstering the strongest period of growth since 2014.
    US growth at 4.2%
  • Argentina
    Source: Bloomberg
    31 Aug 2018
    Argentina raises interest rates to 60%, the highest in the world, after the currency loses nearly 20% of its value in the preceding week. Inflation is above 30%.
    Argentine Peso plummets further
  • South African Farming
    Source: Statistics SA
    4 Sept 2018
    SA enters its first technical recession in 9 years, with agriculture the main driver behind the decline.
    SA in recession
  • Source: Bloomberg
    20 Sept 2018
    The S&P 500 Index soars to a record close - led by the technology, health-care and financial sectors.
    US stocks touch new highs
  • Source: CNBC
    26 Sept 2018
    The Fed raises the federal funds rate to the 2-2.25% range and indicates that one more hike is in store for 2018; three for 2019.
    US rates to rise rapidly
  • Source: AFP
    1 Oct 2018
    Tokyo's benchmark Nikkei index reaches a 27-year high, boosted by a weak yen and a breakthrough in trade talks between the US and Canada.
    Japanese market hits 27-year high
  • Source: Reuters
    8 Oct 2018
    World markets are driven down by fatigued earnings and uncertainty around trade relationships.
    Stock markets start sinking
  • Source: Bloomberg
    9 Oct 2018
    The IMF cuts its growth forecast for the global economy down from 3.9% to 3.7% for the first time in more than two years, blaming escalating trade tensions and emerging market stress.
    IMF revises global growth down
  • Source: Google Finance
    18 Oct 2018
    The Shanghai Composite Index closes at its lowest level since November 2014, in the wake of the US trade war.
    Chinese stocks set back 4 years
  • Source: TreasuryONE
    25 Oct 2018
    The R186 yield weakens to its highest level this year with National Treasury’s latest debt projections painting an unattractive picture.
    SA Mini Budget batters bonds
  • Source: Bloomberg
    29 Oct 2018
    China’s yuan slides to its weakest level since May 2008, as the central bank cuts its daily fixing on signs that a trade war with the US may escalate.
    Yuan at decade-low
  • Source: Statistics SA
    30 Oct 2018
    There are 16.4m employed and 6.2m unemployed between the ages of 15 and 64 years in SA. The unemployment rate for those aged 15 to 24 is 52.8%.
    27.5% in SA has no job
  • Source: Bloomberg
    14 Nov 2018
    Japan’s economy shrinks at an annualised 1.2% in Q3 after an earthquake, typhoons and torrential rain disrupt supply chains.
    Japan output down after natural disasters
  • Source: Bloomberg
    14 Nov 2018
    Germany’s unexpected 0.2% contraction in the third quarter of 2018 is the worst economic output in more than five years.
    German economy contracts
  • Source: fin24.com
    22 Nov 2018
    The SA Reserve Bank raises the repo rate to 6.75% from 6.5%, with the prime lending rate increasing to 10.25%.
    SA raises interest rates
  • Source: RMB/Bureau for Economic Research
    27 Nov 2018
    SA business confidence drops to 31, the lowest level since the country lost its investment-grade credit rating in 2017.
    SA business outlook bleak
  • Source: Bloomberg
    29 Nov 2018
    The oil price falls below $50 a barrel for the first time in more than a year with US stockpiles growing and Russia reticent to cut supply.
    Oil drops below $50/barrel
  • Source: Statistics SA
    4 Dec 2018
    SA slips out of a technical recession after reporting 2.2% GDP growth for the third quarter of 2018.
    SA slips out of recession
  • Source: Statistics SA
    12 Dec 2018
    SA inflation ticks up to 5.2% in November.
    Inflation ticks up
  • Source: TreasuryONE
    19 Dec 2018
    The Fed raises rates by 25 bps as expected. Markets are spooked by Fed Chairman Powell’s less dovish statement. Powell indicates two further hikes for 2019 while markets were hoping for one.
    Fed less dovish on 2019
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    20 Dec 2018
    The UK publishes its immigration plan, capping the number of immigrants at 100 000 per year, and setting the minimum salary level for skilled migrant workers at £30 000 per year.
    UK curbs immigration
  • Source: AFP
    21 Dec 2018
    Tokyo's Nikkei hit a 15-month low on fears of a slowing global economy, with a higher yen also weighing on sentiment.
    Japanese markets slump
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