• Source: Eyewitness News
    3 Apr 2017
    Standard & Poor’s downgrades SA local currency debt to one notch above non-investment grade (junk) and foreign currency debt to junk.
    SA downgrade
  • Source: fin24
    4 Apr 2017
    Moody's defers its decision on SA’s sovereign credit rating, giving the rand a slight reprieve.
    Ratings reprieve
  • Source: fin24
    7 Apr 2017
    Fitch downgrades SA long-term local and foreign currency debt to non-investment grade (junk).
    SA local debt now junk too
  • Source: Statistics SA
    19 Apr 2017
    SA consumer inflation slides to 6.1% year-on-year in March from 6.3% in February.
    SA inflation eases
  • Source: IHS Markit
    21 Apr 2017
    France’s PMI unexpectedly hits a six-year high, placing it ahead of Germany’s for the first time since 2012.
    European economy expands
  • Source: AFP
    25 Apr 2017
    The Nasdaq climbs above 6 000 for the first time and the Dow surges on news of mostly strong earnings from several blue-chip companies.
    Nasdaq hits 6000
  • Source: fin24
    26 Apr 2017
    The Western Cape High Court rules that government’s nuclear procurement processes to date have been declared unlawful and set aside.
    Nuclear deal unlawful
  • Source: South African Revenue Services
    28 Apr 2017
    SA posts an R11.44 billion trade surplus in March following a revised R4.78 billion surplus in February. Exports rose by 16% on a month-on-month basis.
    SA posts R11.4bn trade surplus
  • Source: Reuters
    28 Apr 2017
    Good quarterly results reported by Alphabet and Amazon send the Nasdaq Composite to a new high.
    Amazon and Alphabet strong
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    8 May 2017
    Macron’s victory has little impact on European stocks, which have already rallied 9% year-to-date.
    European stocks unmoved by Macron
  • Source: SA Reserve Bank
    8 May 2017
    SA’s foreign exchange reserves decline to $39.1bn.
    SA foreign reserves slip
  • Source: Reuters
    9 May 2017
    Naspers, the largest SA-listed stock, hits a new high of R2,689.70, buoyed by its Chinese subsidiary Tencent.
    Naspers on steroids
  • Source: Bloomberg
    11 May 2017
    US jobless-benefit rolls decline to a 28-year low.
    US joblessness at low
  • Source: AFP
    16 May 2017
    The FTSE 100 and Frankfurt’s Dax 30 touch new highs as markets eye rising oil prices and China’s vast infrastructure plans.
    Frankfurt & London set records
  • Source: Statistics SA
    24 May 2017
    SA Inflation in April drops to 5.3% year-on-year, from 6.1% in March.
    Surprise inflation drop
  • Source: CNBC
    24 May 2017
    Moody's downgrades China's credit rating to A1 from Aa3, with a stable outlook, citing its concerns around possible debt expansion following attempts to spur growth.
    Credit downgrade for China
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    29 May 2017
    Oil drops below $50 a barrel after OPEC’s production-cut underwhelms.
    Oil drifts lower
  • Source: fin24
    1 June 2017
    Barclays plc announces that it’s selling 50% more of Barclays Africa than planned.
    Barclays up for grabs
  • Source: Statistics SA
    1 June 2017
    The SA unemployment in Q1 2017 increases to 27.7% - the highest figure since September 2003.
    SA unemployment grows
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    5 June 2017
    Eurozone manufacturing and services are expanding at the fastest pace in six years, powered by growth in Germany and France.
    Eurozone growing rapidly
  • Source: Statistics SA
    6 June 2017
    SA officially enters a recession as GDP contracts by 0.7% in Q1 2017, after shrinking by 0.3% in Q4 2016. In calendar year 2016, the economy grew by a mere 0.3%.
    SA enters recession
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    8 June 2017
    The Governing Council of the ECB drops its guidance that rates might fall further, stating that it now expects borrowing costs to stay at present levels for an extended period.
    ECB signals end of rate cuts
  • Source: European Union’s statistics office
    8 June 2017
    GDP in the Euro area rises 0.6% in three months through March, upwardly revised from the previously published 0.5%.
    Europe is growing
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    9 June 2017
    The result of Theresa May’s snap election shows that British voters reject her vision of a hard Brexit, potentially paving the way for a less abrasive breakup with the EU.
    Brits want an amicable Brexit
  • Source: fin24
    9 June 2017
    Moody’s downgrades SA's local and foreign currency rating to Baa3 from Baa2 and maintains a negative outlook.
    Moody’s negative on SA debt
  • Source: fin24
    12 June 2017
    Moody’s downgrades five South African banks
    Moody’s downgrades SA banks
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    13 June 2017
    An increase in prices for computer games, laptops and package holidays - partly due to a weaker pound - lifts UK inflation to 2.9%, the highest since June 2013.
    UK inflation at 4-year high
  • Source: Bureau for Economic Research
    14 June 2017
    The RMB business confidence index falls to 29 points in Q2 2017 – a level last seen in 2009 – and down from 40 points in Q1 2017.
    SA business confidence at 8-year low
  • Source: The Guardian
    14 June 2017
    The Fed raises the federal funds target rate to 1-1.25%, making it the fourth hike in the past 18 months.
    Fed hikes rates again
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