• China
    Source: Bloomberg News
    5 Jul 2018
    The Shanghai Composite Index closes at its lowest level since March 2016, in anticipation of US tariffs.
    Chinese stocks set back 2 years
  • Turkish
    Source: Bloomberg News
    9 Jul 2018
    Turkish President Erdogan appoints his son-in-law as economy czar. The lira plunges the most since a failed coup in 2016.
    Turkish crisis deepens
  • SA mining output sinks further
    Source: Statistics SA
    12 Jul 2018
    SA mining production is 2.6% lower than a year ago. The largest negative contributors are gold, which fell by 16.2%, and coal, down 4.2%.
    SA mining output sinks further
  • SA unemployment rises
    Source: Statistics SA
    31 Jul 2018
    SA unemployment rises to 27.2% with most jobs lost in the manufacturing of basic metals sector as well as food and beverages.
    SA unemployment rises
  • Turkish Lira in turmoil
    Source: Financial Times
    10 Aug 2018
    The Turkish Lira drops almost 6% in one week on comments by President Erdogan that he plans an ‘operation’ against Moody’s as it reviews Turkey’s credit rating. Other emerging market currencies, such as the Rand, are punished alongside the Lira.
    Turkish Lira in turmoil
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    15 Aug 2018
    The price of copper – an indicator of the demand for global resources - falls to $5 928 a metric ton, the lowest level in more than a year.
    Copper below $6000
  • Chinese Social
    Source: Bloomberg
    15 Aug 2018
    Tencent releases its first profit drop in at least a decade, reflected by a market value loss of more than $160 billion since its January peak. One of the reasons for the decline in profit has been the freeze on game approvals in China.
    Tencent and Naspers tumble
  • South African Rands
    Source: fin24
    15 Aug 2018
    The Rand weakens on a Moody’s statement that it sees the country’s fiscal deficit at about 4% of GDP in the year to March 2019.
    Rand falters on Moody’s release
  • American Flag
    Source: Bloomberg
    29 Aug 2018
    The US economy grows at a slightly faster pace than previously estimated on revisions to imports and software spending, bolstering the strongest period of growth since 2014.
    US growth at 4.2%
  • Argentina
    Source: Bloomberg
    31 Aug 2018
    Argentina raises interest rates to 60%, the highest in the world, after the currency loses nearly 20% of its value in the preceding week. Inflation is above 30%.
    Argentine Peso plummets further
  • South African Farming
    Source: Statistics SA
    4 Sept 2018
    SA enters its first technical recession in 9 years, with agriculture the main driver behind the decline.
    SA in recession
  • Source: Bloomberg
    7 Sept 2018
    The US wage bill is up 2.9% and the number of employees on payroll up 201 000.
    US wages at strong levels
  • Source: Bureau for Economic Research
    11 Sept 2018
    The RMB BER gauge drops to 38 in the third quarter of 2018. All sectors surveyed are under the neutral level of 50, an infrequent & worrying development, according to RMB & the BER.
    SA business confidence pulls back
  • Manufacturing
    Source: Statistics SA
    11 Sept 2018
    Manufacturing production increases by 2.9% in July, boosted by growth in vehicle and parts sales.
    SA manufacturing is up
  • Retail
    Source: Statistics SA
    12 Sept 2018
    Retail trade sales for July grow by 1.3%
    year-on-year in real terms - with appliances and clothing indicating significant growth.
    SA retail sales up
  • Source: Statistics SA
    19 Sept 2018
    Annual consumer inflation for August comes in at 4.9%, easing pressure on the SA Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Committee to hike rates.
    SA inflation at 4.9%
  • Source: Bloomberg
    19 Sept 2018
    UK inflation unexpectedly accelerates to a
    six-month high in August, boosted mainly by the recreation and culture sector, where prices jumped 3.6%, the most since 2010.
    UK inflation steps up
  • Source: Bloomberg
    20 Sept 2018
    The S&P 500 Index soars to a record close - led by the technology, health-care and financial sectors.
    US stocks touch new highs
  • Source: Reuters
    25 Sept 2018
    Brent oil soars to close to $81, reaching the highest level since November 2014 after OPEC and other global producers snub pressure from US President Donald Trump to dampen prices.
    Oil price on the rise
  • Source: CNBC
    26 Sept 2018
    The Fed raises the federal funds rate to the 2-2.25% range and indicates that one more hike is in store for 2018; three for 2019.
    US rates to rise rapidly
  • Source: Bloomberg News
    27 Sept 2018
    German inflation unexpectedly accelerates to a four-month high, suggesting the rate in the Eurozone will rise further above the ECB’s goal.
    German inflation spikes
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