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  • Market review - July 2018
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    Market review: July 2018
    10 August 2018
    The US economy performed better in July, with most sectors seeing increased performance especially in the technology and pharmaceuticals industry. As companies released their second quarter earnings, results were generally positive. But, investors remained tense as Donald Trump took to Twitter berating the Fed for continuing to raise rates.
  • Factor investing: What it is and how to use it
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    Building outcome orientated factor portfolios
    1 August 2018
    In this article we focus on an approach to build outcome-orientated multi-factor portfolios. These portfolios are designed to deliver, with high predictability, a specific risk and return outcome by using various combinations of underlying factor exposures.
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    Ready for a dream holiday? Plan it with your RA
    25 July 2018
    Tax season is upon us and those who organised their tax affairs well in advance are now eagerly awaiting this year’s tax refund. What would you do with your refund? Fund your next holiday?
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    Events that moved the market Q2 2018
    17 July 2018
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    Will the South African precariat drive our new dawn?
    11 July 2018
    ‘History is a timeless repetition of error, folly and correction,’ said Aubrey Matshiqi, presenting at the fifth annual i3 Summit, hosted jointly by Sanlam Investments and Glacier by Sanlam. Aubrey is a Financial Mail rated political analyst and one of South Africa's most in-demand speakers on the subject of the state of the nation.
  • Snapshot June 2018
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    Market snapshot: June 2018
    10 July 2018
    The US trade war threatens to spread, reducing investor confidence while the Eurozone enjoys newfound stability.