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    Events that moved the market Q3 2018
    10 October 2018
  • Market review: September 2018
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    Market review: September 2018
    9 October 2018
    The US economy enjoyed relief from subdued trade disputes, which served to increase investor optimism. But across the Atlantic Ocean, Salzburg Summit talks between the UK and EU leaders turned sour, and the Pound weakened again against the Dollar.
  • Safe, steady holds secret to investment success
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    Safe, steady holds secret to investment success
    4 October 2018
    Though fixed interest returns are capped, unlike equity, there is a higher degree of certainty around returns than is the case with equity. Fixed interest as an investment vehicle is unapologetically boring and unsexy, but the small variation in annual returns is what makes them attractive to investors wanting a steady, low-stress investment.
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    The 2018 SA recession and its impact on investors
    28 September 2018
    Not only has South Africa entered a technical recession (two consecutive quarters of negative GDP), future growth expectations are now likely to be revised down. Investment economist Arthur Kamp explains why Sanlam Investments is revising its growth forecast for SA for 2018.
  • All Access Summit 2018
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    Sifting the fleeting from the fundamentally important
    26 September 2018
    Economic data is released daily and could stir up a cocktail of sometimes confusing signals for investors. But, the truth is, long-term investors focused on the fundamentals only need to watch a handful of economic trends. At this year’s All Access Summit Arthur Kamp, economist at Sanlam Investments, cut through the noise and reminded the audience what’s really important.
  • Market snapshot: August 2018
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    Market review: August 2018
    17 September 2018
    The US economy soared in August, with the markets setting new four year highs. The current 9.5 year long bull market is the longest in history. Not even President Trump’s criticism of the Federal Reserve’s decision to increase rates could keep the dollar down for long… But how did this bode for emerging markets in August?