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    Another credit downgrade: buying opportunity or cause for concern?
    27 November 2017
    On Friday, 24 November at 11pm S&P announced that SA local currency debt is now also rated as non-investment grade, stating the downgrade ‘reflects our opinion of further deterioration of South Africa's economic outlook and its public finances… Economic decisions in recent years have largely focused on the distribution - rather than the growth of - national income. As a consequence, South Africa's economy has stagnated and external competitiveness has eroded.’ How do you assist your client to navigate markets in the face of yet another credit downgrade?
  • Facing SA’s fiscal failure
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    Facing SA’s fiscal failure
    23 November 2017
    Attention is firmly fixed on the coming round of sovereign debt rating decisions. Whatever the outcome of these reviews, it is clear that in the absence of reform, government’s fiscal position is unsustainable. Its revenue collection track record has been eroded and additional spending priorities and liquidity problems at state-owned companies threaten its expenditure ceiling.
  • Adding equity factor exposure to a multi-asset portfolio
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    Adding equity factor exposure to a multi-asset portfolio
    9 November 2017
    In this article, we look at using a factor-based equity portfolio as an alternative to the traditional passive or active equity component within a multi-asset portfolio.
  • Market Snapshot
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    Market review: October 2017
    7 November 2017
    During October, US lawmakers took important steps to implement President Trump’s proposals to reform tax, which among other things entail cutting the top US corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%. Markets were encouraged by this move and the Dow Jones Industrial Index broke through the 23 000 mark for the first time. Locally, Minister Gigaba delivered his maiden mini-Budget, with little clarity on future policy, which punished local bond markets. What else happened during the month of October?
  • 15 Minutes with SIM’s Fred and Patrice
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    15 Minutes with SIM’s Fred and Patrice
    2 November 2017
    At a glance, SA equities are expensive at PE ratios of around 20. At these lofty levels, have markets become irrational? And do investors still need as much exposure to this asset class as traditionally advocated? We’ve interviewed Fred White, portfolio manager of the SIM Balanced Fund, and Patrice Rassou, at the helm of the SIM Top Choice Equity Fund, to find out how they find value for long-term investors in ostensibly post-rational markets.
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    MTBPS 2017: A plea for more time, but no consolidation
    26 October 2017
    The MTBPS 2017 is a plea for more time and support to implement new economic policy. It shows what the Budget would look like should there be no policy action and/or additional fiscal consolidation. Without interventions we can expect a materially higher, sustained increase in government debt over the next five years. And interest payments will increase persistently from 13.7% to 14.9% by 2020/21. Investment economist Arthur Kamp highlights the key take-outs from the mini budget 2017.