About the blog

Sanlam Intelligence is your blog to the latest news on a variety of topics that feature prominently in a fiduciary’s world, whether you are an asset consultant, retirement fund trustee or principal officer. We recognise the greater fiduciary pressures placed on institutional investors in an environment of increased regulatory and investment complexity.

This blog offers articles and videos on subjects such as portfolio construction, changes in legislation, investor behaviour, active versus passive investing, fintech, investments trends and economic analyses, to name but a few. We share our insights with you through our thought leaders – portfolio managers, economists, researchers, business leaders and investment analysts.

Sanlam Intelligence is the culmination of extensive research, modelling and rigorous debate over the years. We gladly share the result with you.

About us

At Sanlam Investments we are authorities on portfolio construction. We understand that you want to invest your capital in a way that will maximise returns and reduce risk. We therefore offer a wide range of investment and financial planning solutions to protect and grow capital over the long term.

We are pioneers who are not afraid to challenge the norm and question conventional ways of thinking to devise real solutions to client problems. The result of this expansionary thinking is a breadth of expertise across multiple investment styles and capabilities – leaving you with a plethora of opportunities to grow your clients’ money through active management, index tracking, alternative investment, multi-management and offshore investment.

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