Select and complete a PDF fillable form. This can be emailed to or fax to 0860 724 467. Alternatively use our online investment tools to manage your money more efficiently.

Application Form – Individual Investors

Application Form – Non-Individual Investors

Application Form – Tax-Free Unit Trusts

FICA Individual

FICA Non Individual Legal Entities

Existing Investor

Additional Investment Form

Investor Details Update Form

Disinvestment Form

Switching Form

Declaration to Confirm Residential Address

Cession Form

Transfer Form

Withholding Tax on Interest Declaration Form (WTI)

Dividends Tax Form – DTD(EX) – Exemption from tax

Dividends Tax Form – DTD (RR) – Reduced rate of tax

Tax information addendum – Entities

Tax information addendum – Individuals

Click here to view the SATRIX ETF and Unit Trust Forms

Read more about regulatory requirements

Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)

Terms and Conditions

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