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Inside Institutional: Edition 4

A message from Tino’s desk

As we start winding down for the holiday season, we invite you to explore the world of investments in our year-end edition of Inside Institutional. This issue features a collection of articles that highlight key aspects of the investment landscape.

As part of our dedication to becoming Africa’s leading sustainable investor, we are pleased to present our Responsible Investing Report for 2023. This report reaffirms our continuous commitment to sustainable and impact investing. You can access the full report by following this link. Tinyiko Mabunda, ESG and Impact Analyst, shares some of the content from our latest Responsible Investing Report in her article, Responsible Investing Report | 2023 + ESG Reporting – Disclosure Frameworks, which can be found in this newsletter.

We also invite you to join us for our upcoming Critical Conversations webinar on 8 November 2023 from 10.00 – 11.30 SAST, where we’ll discuss ‘Action for Impact’ and share some of the content from our newly published Responsible Investing Report for 2023. We believe in the power of collective discussions to bring about real, tangible change. At Sanlam Investments, our commitment to addressing pressing issues such as energy security, water scarcity, unemployment, and inequality through socially responsible investing remains steadfast. Join this exciting event as we review our journey so far and plan for a positive, sustainable future.

In keeping with our ethos on sustainability, our Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, has made significant strides in South Africa by financing unique projects that address critical needs. From a biomass plant for baseload energy to a fibre-to-the-home initiative for underserved communities, this fund drives positive societal and environmental change. Portfolio managers Pawan Singh and Ockert Doyer share their successful endeavours and the broader goals of this fund in a Q&A format.

Turning our attention to the pivotal role of active management, an area of paramount importance, Natasha Narsingh, CEO of  Sanlam Investments Active Management business, shares her insights into the distinct blend of traditional value investing and innovative technology. Following our recent integration with ABSA Asset Management, we are now better equipped than ever to seize abundant opportunities in this dynamic investment landscape. Navigating the Future: The Imperative of Active Management in a Dynamic Investment Landscape is a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead in the realm of investments.

Continuing our exploration, we dive into the world of Emerging Markets (EMs) with insights from Feroz Basa, Head of Global Emerging Markets at Sanlam Investments. In his article, Seize The Moment: Add EM Equity to Offshore Portfolios, you’ll discover the systemic advantages and compelling opportunities that EM equity funds offer. These investments transcend South African-specific risks and promise superior future returns given where valuations are now.

Much has been made about the aggressive interest rate hiking cycle by central banks across the world since late 2021. Many investors have found a haven in bank deposits, able to lock in high real returns. Inflation has started to show signs of abating and we are likely closer to the top of the hiking cycle. The question for many investors is now what? James Turp, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, addresses this critical question in Have interest rates peaked? A dilemma for fixed income investors. With a rapid 4.75% nominal increase in domestic interest rates over the past two years, the decision to invest in fixed deposits is far from simple. The article delves into the current fixed-income investment landscape and provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions, emphasising the need for prudent investment choices.

Continuing our journey through the world of investments, our focus now shifts  to Simple, but Effective, Investing. This piece by Nico Katzke, Head of Portfolio Solutions at Satrix, highlights the importance of recognising that avoiding losses often matters more than chasing gains. Discover why diversification is the smart, effective choice for your wealth creation journey.

As we conclude our year-end edition, we thank you for your continued support and readership. We appreciate your engagement in exploring the dynamic world of investments and look forward to sharing more insights and opportunities in the coming year.

Tinotenda Mtemeri
Head: Distribution

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